Mattress Care

Below are a few easy steps to help you take care of your mattress and ensure your quality of sleep never diminishes. Follow the simple steps below and enjoy your truly perfect Aurora bed sleep experience.

Make sure you air your bed as often as possible, especially when new to remove all trace of packaging smell.

The springs within your bed are encased in a steel frame so do not bend or roll your mattress, as this could result in your springs being permanently damaged.

Remember to turn and rotate your mattress frequently, but only if the mattress is double sided. If it is one sided it only needs to be rotated

Avoid Jumping, bouncing or sitting on the same part of your mattress as this could help reduce its lifespan and strain the springs

Don’t us chemical or commercial cleaners on your mattress as many of these products will damage the mattress. Use a sponge soaked in soap and water to remove any marks or stains from your mattress. Always ensure you air your mattress after washing.

The filling in your bed will take a little time to settle when you first begin to use it, this is normal, especially in handmade beds, and over the first weeks, you can expect your mattress to mould to your body shape a little, this will enhance your comfort, but please ensure you turn your bed regularly. To allow the springs and fillings to help them distribute their settlement evenly.

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