Aurora Beds Limited Warranty Policy

We are delighted you have chosen to buy an Aurora hand-crafted mattress; this is a very important investment, and we want you to enjoy the Benefits your purchase will give you for many years to come.

Aurora has produced a Warranty Policy and care guide to help you prolong the life of this important investment, and ensure you get the maximum comfort and long life from your purchase.

At Aurora Beds, we manufacture only the highest quality components in the creation of our range. It is what you can not see through the final finished covers is the part that we recognize as the most important part of our creation and we take great care to ensure this gets the finest attention from our experienced craftspeople. Every decision is geared towards the ultimate goal of ensuring the customer gets the best possible night's sleep from the mattress that matches their budget.

We have several different specifications of mattresses to match what the customer desires and to match each person’s budget. The less expensive ranges would carry a shorter lifetime usage guarantee. And as we move up the range and as the quality specification increases the lifetime guarantee will also increase.


Aurora Timeless classic range

  1. Sapphire 5 years
  2. Opal 5 years
  3. Seville 5 years

Aurora Zonal Bonnell Range

  1. Ambience 5 years
  2. Iconic 5 years

Aurora Zonal Pocket Range

  1. Inspire 8 years
  2. Revive 8 years
  3. Infinity 8 years
  4. Essence 8 years
  5. Radiance 8 years

Aurora Orthopaedic Range

  1. Emerald 8 years
  2. Diamond Ortho 8 years

Aurora Timeless Classic Pocket Range

  1. Valencia 8 years
  2. Richmond 8 years

Aurora New Lifestyle collection

  1. Renaissance 10 years
  2. Regency 10 years
  3. Reflection 10 years
  4. Firm flex Ortho 10 years
  5. Memory Flex 10 years

Aurora Warranty Policy

All claims under the warranty must be initially made through the retailer from whom the mattress was originally purchased. The retailer will look for proof of purchase so the customer must hold the receipt or another method of payment which includes the date of purchase must be presented. The next step in the process is the Retailer will contact our office and an Aurora representative will be sent to inspect and appropriate action will be taken.

If the manufacturing fault occurs within two years of the purchase or one year of the value collections (Saphire, Opal, Seville, Ambience, Iconic,) Aurora Beds will either repair or replace the mattress free of charge.

Aurora Warranty Terms & Conditions.

  1. It is with the retailer that sold the mattress to you that the contract exists and all claims under the warranty must be made through the Retailer. A claim must be supported by proof of purchase by way of a sales receipt or invoice. The retailer must then report the issue to Aurora Beds and a customer complaint form will be completed by Aurora with the help of the Retailer. This customer complaint form will have attached photos of the mattress. The next step in the process is a representative from Aurora will be sent to inspect the offending mattress, this report will be returned to Aurora Beds and whatever next steps need to be actioned provided the complaint meets the Warranty criteria a resolution will be found.
  2. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the mattress and is non-transferable.
  3. Should the manufacturing fault occur within 2 years from the date of purchase, Aurora will either repair or replace the mattress free of charge ( One year on Value collection as stated in the Aurora Warranty policy above ) Thereafter, up and to include the maximum of the warranty term, repair and replacement will be made at Aurora Bed's discretion, subject to a sliding scale in line with the age of the mattress, a service charge will apply depending on the age of the product.
  4. The warranty protects you from the date of purchase in the unlikely event that the mattress must be repaired and replaced, you will be covered under the original warranty.
  5. During the first year of the purchase, transport costs relating to warranty issues will be met by Aurora Beds where there is a manufacturing default, After the first year transport costs will be met by the purchaser.
  6. Aurora Beds reserves the right to charge an upfront call-out fee before inspection taking place at any stage of the warranty life, this fee will be refunded should a manufacturing fault be identified.
  7. Substitute materials could be used as replacement parts if Aurora no longer uses the original materials in the event of materials no longer being available. Aurora reserves the right to substitute materials of equal quality should this arise.

Aurora Warranty exclusions.

  1. If the product default is not a direct manufacturing default
  2. Upon inspection of the mattress if it is found to be in a soiled or unsanitary condition.
  3. If there is evidence of inappropriate use or abuse of the mattress
  4. Where the mattress has been used on an unsuitable divan base or a base with slats more than 70mm apart.
  5. If the mattress is found with no identification label
  6. If the perceived comfort level is not to the customer's liking, this is not covered by the Warranty.
  7. Body imperfections less than 30-35mm on our higher range and 25mm on all other collections may not be considered as a manufacturing default. Settlement of fillings is normal in any handmade mattress and is not deemed to be a manufacturing fault. Regular turning of the mattress is needed to allow the filling to settle evenly. If your purchase is a non-turn Rotation is recommended on a regular basis, This will also help the mattress to wear evenly and ultimately help to prolong its life.

Aurora recommendations for taking care of your mattress and prolonging its life to ensure you get the maximum recommended life.

The Aurora brand mattress made its market debut just over 10 years ago and the craftspeople working on the creation of the Brand have many more years of experience, so you can be assured your new mattress will give you many years of comfort and reliability.

Here are some recommendations for maximising the life of your mattress to the recommendations listed above.

  1. A mattress protector is recommended, this will keep the mattress clean protect it from body moisture and help to avoid stains. We strongly recommend that you use a quality mattress protector.
  2. All new mattresses should be aired standing on their side for several hours in a well-ventilated room to ensure that any new upholstery or synthetic odours are given the opportunity to fully dissipate. Regular airing will prolong the life of your mattress.
  3. We would recommend you use an Aurora base with an Aurora mattress. The Aurora base is manufactured with the Aurora mattress in mind and the combination of both is recommended. We would advise strongly against a slatted base as this has gaps that the mattress can penetrate through and potentially lead to unevenness.
  4. Never bend or fold the mattress as they are not designed for this and will lead to damage to the internal components. Rolled-up mattresses are an exception to this rule as the design is sympathetic to allowing this to happen. Once the rolled-up mattress is unfolded it will not be possible to roll it up again, (Please do not try to do so as it is not possible, and the components will end up being damaged.)
  5. Never use detergents or other chemicals to clean your mattress as this can lead to disintegration of the fabric and thus permanently damage the product.
  6. Bouncing or sitting on the same section of the mattress consistently is not recommended as this can shorten the recommended life of the product.
  7. Turning the mattress is highly recommended on a regular basis as this will help to prolong the life of the product. For non-turning mattresses rotation is recommended, simply move the label facing up at the foot of the bed rotated to the top of the bed, and repeat the sequence on a regular basis.

If all the above recommendations are adhered to, we at Aurora believe the customer will get the maximum listed life from their purchase.

Care of your Aurora base and Headboard

  1. Divan Base, All Divan Bases should be checked on a regular basis to ensure no stress or wear is caused to the frame, The ideal time to check is when the mattress is being rotated or turned. If the legs and coasters are provided, please ensure when assembling that they are properly secured and regularly checked, carrying out these inspections will help to prolong the life of the base.
  2. Aurora Headboards should also be checked regularly and tightened regularly when necessary to ensure a tight flush fit.


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