timeless classics

timeless classics


The luxurious Manhattan, with its “free to breathe” design and knitted fabric give total peace and comfort

The Manhattan is a non-turn mattress, which allows us to include quality fillings, leaving the under-side of the mattress free to breathe. The luxurious knitted fabric, multi-quilted with polyester, gives a fantastic feeling of comfort.  The delicate “box top” border design, gives the Manhattan an attractive appearance, so that it looks great as well as feeling great!

Comfort Rating: Medium Gentle
Spring System:   Reflex Inner spring
Perimeter Support System: For a firmer mattress edge and extended sleep surface
Non-Turn: No need to turn over, just rotate
Luxurious quilted panel lid

Mattress depth: 23cm (9″)

Single Small Double Double Kingsize Super King
Width 90cm (3′) 120cm (4′) 135cm (4’6″) 150cm (5′) 180cm (6′)
Length 190cm (6’3″) 190cm (6’3″) 190cm (6’3″) 200cm (6’6″) 200cm (6’6″)